The lucky cats team

The Sweetie-Witch (aka Aimee)

The sweetie-witch moved to Brighton in 2004 to follow her dream of finding a job as a vegan chef. She has always loved sweet things and often thinks how happy the younger version of her would be if she knew she would end up living by the sea spending her days making vegan fudge! She lives with her two familiars, Indiana and Ziggy, who are the brains of the operation.


Despite the widely believed rumours Hannah-Bob is not an octopus but is actually the small illustrator behind Takora! Takora! based in Bristol, UK. See more of her work at or email at [email protected] for commission. She is also the artist in residence for lucky cat fudge and one of the sweetie-witches' dearest friends. Hannah is also one of the five human slaves of Vincent (Meep-Meep).

Ziggy Cleary

Ziggy is the younger brother of Indiana. He is nearly two years old and beginning to embrace cadult life. Ziggy has never really understood sharing and likes to claim everything for himself, this means he is not a hit with the other cats and despite desperately wanting to hang out with his big brother and Max, no one will play with him. The sweetie-witch loves him dearly though and makes sure he has all the attention and cuddles he needs. 

Ziggy along with Indiana is the face (or back) of lucky cat fudge and can be found on the back of every packet. They also star together on the front of the cardamom, raw cacao, fig and raspberry flavour.

Indianna Cleary

Indiana is the seven year old side kick of the sweetie-witch. He enjoys playing the guitar and has a keen interest in the natural world. He can often be found bird watching with his best friend Max. He is a gentle boy who enjoys nothing more than having his tummy rubbed and relaxing after another long day of being a Brighton cat.

Indiana is the mastermind behind lucky cat fudge. He was not happy about the sweetie-witch going out to work every day, sometimes leaving him for several hours without a tummy rub. As a result, he can be found on the back of each packet with his younger brother Ziggy. He also decided to star on the front of the cardamom, raw cacaco, fig and raspberry fudge.

Vincent (Meep-Meep)

Half the size of a regular cat Vincent makes up for his small stature with a mighty meep. He lives in Bristol and has set himself up with five humans to cater to his every need. He has the most amazing coat but will not reveal the secrets of his luscious fur to anyone. 

Vincent can be found gracing the cover of the lucky cat cocoa, maple and hazelnut fudge.

Tigger R.I.P.

Tigger - the cat behind the lucky cat salted caramel, roasted almond and maca fudge - sadly did not make it to see his product on to the market. He was killed in a hit and run in his home town of Truro. Not a great deal is known about the early life of Tigger but he had fairly recently adopted the Croley family and was having a lovely time exploring the wilds of Cornwall. He is greatly missed by the humans he leaves behind but his legacy will continue in the fudge! R.I.P. Tiggs xx