Lucky Cat Fudge

Welcome to the magical world of lucky cat fudge! The Sweetie-Witch and her familiars have been busy in the Lucky Cats lab, creating a range of vegan, refined sugar free fudge. By engaging in some serious plant based witchcraft (and with a little help from some power tools!) all the usual fudge ingredients have been replaced with more nutritious, animal free alternatives. To add to the magic the Sweetie-Witch has stirred in some of her favourite super foods and has been flying at double speed on her broomstick ever since!

  • tigger final sticker (1)
  • salted caramel + tigger rear (1) final
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  • Img1510-Edit
  • DSC_8655
  • Img1531-Edit-2

salted caramel. roasted almond & maca

  • cocoa hazelnut + winston front
  • cocoa hazelnut + winston rear (1) final
  • Img1503
  • Img1531-Edit-2
  • Img1515-Edit
  • Img1495

cocoa, roasted hazelnut & maple

  • cardamom raspberry + the boys front (2) final
  • cardamom raspberry + the boys rear (1) final
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  • Img1500-Edit
  • Img1505
  • DSC_8653
  • Img1531-Edit-2

cardamom, raw cacao, raspberry & fig